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Agriculture is said as the most versatile occupation of the nation. The activity of agriculture is very broad. Livestock, fishery, forestry, fiber, and many other resources are produced by the application of agriculture.

The most important thing which is high in demand by the agriculture occupation is the production of varieties of crops.

Practicing For Many Years

The agriculture is not a new tradition; it is practiced since many years, it mainly involves the crop production and the animal husbandry, due to which the Indian economy has gained a high demand and made massive development in the same.

Types Of Farming:

Subsistence Farming

Most of the farmer goes with this technique of agriculture. The reason why the farmer like it so much because here the farmer can cultivate the crops for own purpose as well as for the selling it.

Shifting Cultivation

Most of the farmer, grow the crops by clearing the forest area, this is known as the shifting cultivation. This type of family is mainly practiced by the tribal group, for growing the root crops.

Commercial Agriculture

While dealing with industrial farming, here the main aim of the farmer is of high yielding crops, through which they can earn a good profit by selling it. The primary plants of commercial farming are wheat, sugarcane, etc.

Intensive Agriculture

A considerable amount of money invested and a group of labor is needed in this type of farming. Mainly the intensive technique of farming is practiced in the densely populated area.

Wetland Farming

This is the technique which can be practiced in the area which receives heavy rainfall. The crops which can grow in this technique is rice, jute, etc.

The Significance Of Agriculture:


The food we eat is obtained only because of the farmer, which put lots of efforts in producing the same. As the green revolution took place after independence, where the shortage of food decrease otherwise before independence, the ordinary man use to die, due to the shortage of food grain.


According to the survey, it was found that the income which is produced by agriculture is about 60%. Agriculture accounts the significant income to the development of the nation in terms of economy.

Employment Opportunities

A large number of employment opportunities is available in the agricultural sector. Now in the modern time, it is not so that only uneducated people are involved in this occupation, but also many highly educated people are choosing this profession.

Due to the agricultural sector, the transport sector also earns money, as it requires transportation to supply crops from one place to another. It gives employment in both the industry.

Government Revenue

The agro-based good, land revenue and many other taxes on the same provide the excellent and profitable income to the government.


As the technology has made advancement, the agricultural sector had progressed a lot in the same., agriculture doesn’t mean only growing crops, but it also deals with many another subject which is beneficial for the nation.

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