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The sports which posses a high degree of risk using speed, height, etc. are said to be adventurous Sports.


Adventurous sports mainly include only individual participants rather than teams. Sometimes these sports are competitive and sometimes noncompetitive.

We get to see many types of adventurous sports in India as well as in foreign too. Some of them are called Motorcycling, Scuba Diving, Cycling, Flying Fox, Hot air Ballooning, Trekking, Sky Diving and many more.


The main motive of adventurous sports is to create selfconfidence in the participants. One can overcome their fear. By participation one can improve their social relation, participants develop the habit of unity, cooperation, patience, sympathy, adjustment, etc.

Participants can develop their mental and physical health. People also come close by nature as there is a much adventurous sport which gives opportunities to come close to nature.

People who participate in adventurous sports have a different level of creativity.

Trekking As Adventurous Sports

Trekking was introduced in India by Europeans nearly in the 18th century. Among all the adventurous sports, trekking the is the best option as it is beneficial for the mind as well as for the body.

Mostly in India, people choose Himalaya as their trekking destination. This mountain range posses highly challenges paths.

Along with the Himalaya, there are many mountains for trekking in Jammu and Kashmir, Uttrakhand, Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim, etc.

Courage For Adventurous Sports

The participants should be fully courage and also should possess a feeling of excitement. As the name is adventurous sports, it is fully risky. Sometimes these type of sports put participants in mental as well as in physical danger.

So here sometime the participants may get affected not only by physically or mentally but also financially. Some brave people take this type of risk to make a record.

Safety Measures For Adventurous Sports:

Avoid To Go Alone

Participants should avoid going alone; they should maintain their minimum group size of four people. Mostly the leader of the groups is experienced so always the member should listen to them.

Always there is training for this kind of sports, so one should always keep in their mind that they should get instructed themselves by the licensed operator.

Participants should always stick to the route which they have been instructed. To the family member, the participant should leave the details of the group, instructor and the expected to return time from the place.

Plan For The Sports Time

The participant should always bring their first aid box, safety gears, maps and clothes with them. Avoid going in heavy rain or when there is a bad weather forecast.

When participants are going in wet environment hypothermia can be the main problem for participants so to avoid, this problem they should carry their dry, warm clothes.


No doubt, adventurous sports always create memories, stories, etc. It is the time when people dare to do things beyond their limits. Also one should take care of themselves on their own.

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