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One of the most famous and important festivals in India celebrated in Diwali is that all the religious people in Diwali celebrate it with great pleasure. It is said that “Diwali” is a festival filled with festivity, warmth, festivity, love, friendship, and humanity.

The Arrival Of The Festival

In our country, the Diwali Hindu month celebrates Ashwin’s end in October or November in a big light. Nowadays Diwali is celebrated with big colorful media. But people still know the historic importance of Diwali.

Lamp And Sweets

Every year, on Diwali on a dark night, the illumination of lamps and sky lanterns and fireworks are predicted. The whole house is decorated in Diwali. Sweets made from home are exchanged. All the people in India fill the house with light.

Why Diwali Is Celebrated

Diwali day is considered to be the day on which Lord Shriram was killed by Ravana and Ayodhya returned with Mother Sita. The celebration was celebrated with great joy by lighting the lamp and lamp for their acceptance.

It is said that the rage of Suryam and Mata Sita from the Ayodhya to Mithila till the royal order was carried by Jagadgun. In this way, those dark nights were shocked by the light of daylight.

It was also important for Shriram’s welcome as he came back to his native Swaraj after 14 years of exile and when he killed Mahamayavi demon Ravana, the welcome was very encouraging.

Buying Of Golden Jewellery

Along with that, the house is decorated with all the four sides in a row, and the house is decorated in a row. Therefore, Diwali is known as “Dipotsav.” For this day many people buy some new things. Mainly women buy gold jewelry

Auspicious Day

Traditionally, and according to experts, purchasing new goods and gold at this festival is considered very auspicious. So people buy gold to silver.

The Excitement Of The Crowd

Even if there is a reason behind celebrating Diwali, there is a lot of enthusiasm during this festive season. Every year people make large crowds of sweets, clothes, and necessities, as well as at the jewelry shop. Even the common man would buy it freely at the same time.

Special Significance

Diwali is one of the oldest and most famous festivals in India. Diwali has special significance in the Hindu religion.  In Sanskrit, the word Diwali is interpreted as “Deepavali.” It means “row of lights.”

Five Days Of Diwali

The festival for five days is exciting. People start preparing for a couple of weeks before the Diwali festival, which includes cleaning of the house and coloring. Clothing and the necessities are purchased a week or so.

The house and the shops are decorated with flowers and manganese pond. The sky lantern is set before the house. Beautiful rangoli is removed. It is decorated with various colors.


Today all the people are aware of environmental damage due to which many families celebrate Diwali without pollution. In India, schools and other organizations and Indian governments also request citizens to celebrate Diwali without pollution.

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