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My school is a temple of knowledge where we go to receive knowledge through the means of education which is given by teachers in the school. In school, the students learn from the teacher and also teacher love to teach the students.

My school is the best school it provides various facilities to the student it is best in the sports as there is a huge ground where we can play went outdoor games such as cricket and football, also the principal and teachers of the school pay attention to the sport student and also help in boosting the spirit of sports by hearing them and giving them special thanks by means of medals and trophies on the day of sports day. My school also provide various help like scholarships to the students who very sharp enjoy studies and also work hard for getting the education and give them a scholarship in which they can get the education in the school for free.

There is also a good canteen in our school where we get delicious snacks and food at the time of break time in which we can take food from the canteen and eat it with joy. Are schools also have various competition for the student in which the students perform various acts, and they are given thanks by giving them a certificate and trophies for their beautiful work.

Adventures In My School

My school is also an adventurous place where we learn unique things every day, and also they are amazing and very useful in the application in life. My school is adventurous because of our friend and also our friend’s group in which we have fun very much. Together by doing various things every day and getting many Adventures during school time.

My school also provides various projects to the students in which we have to do the project as a group in which every member of the group do his best for making the project better, while making the project better we go through various adventurous time in which we have to face many problems for making a project better and also learn various things in the group. There is also an adventurous day in our school known as the picnic day in which we go out from the school on a beautiful place like a resort a garden to spend a beautiful day and release all the stress of studies.

Importance Of My School

My school is very important for my friends and me as if there was not the school where we would have been gone to take education and also would we might get the time to spend with friends in the school and also learn various things.

My school has a very big hand in developing my life and also making me able to face the outside world and make my life better than other people who don’t get an education. My school is like oxygen for me where I go every day to receive education in the form of oxygen to develop my life.

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Updated: February 18, 2019 — 8:09 am

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