Essay On Diwali For Students & Children In Simple English


Diwali is a festival which has its own speciality and everyone enjoy it through various means the adult create sweets at their own house and share it with everyone and the small children enjoy the festival of Diwali by burning the crackers and the small girls in the home celebrate Diwali by making a beautiful rangoli outside the house and decorating their own house.

Everyone has a different region on the celebration of Diwali some people think it as an opportunity of great sale and shopping as there is a huge sale on everything during the festival of Diwali, and it is also said that purchasing something on Diwali is very good.

The festival of Diwali is celebrated after the celebration of Dussehra above 20 days later which comes in the month of October or the month of November but everyone waits for this festival. Diwali is the festival which everyone enjoys by looking at the beautiful sky which is full of light and also country gets lighted up by the lighting and oil lamps which increases the beauty of the country.


The festival of Diwali celebrated by almost everyone is everyone enjoy this festival and wait for this festival to come. The festival of Diwali is known as the festival of lights and color as there are various colorful crackers Burn by the small children and the beautiful and colorful Rangoli made by the small girls outside the house.

Small children’s love the festival of Diwali as they have too much fun while celebrating with each other and also coming together and doing various funs and adventures.

On the occasion of Diwali, everyone makes sweets and snacks at the home like laddoos which are most famous sweet in India and Chakli which they share with their neighbors and their relatives which increases the taste of that sweets.

It has also been observed that on the occasion of Diwali there are some people who donate various thing to the poor people so that they can leave a comfortable life.


As the pollution has increased in the environment nowadays people are trying to celebrate Diwali as an eco-friendly festival by using various eco-friendly things.

The small children are movie avoiding the firecrackers but if the use of firecrackers a user eco-friendly firecrackers which are safe for the environment and also the small girls use the eco-friendly Rangoli which is made up of natural things and are safe for the environment.

It is very necessary to celebrate the eco-friendly Diwali as it is found that during the festival of Diwali the pollution is done at a greater extent as the firecrackers band on a large scale produce carbon release in the air.


The festival of Diwali is celebrated as the devotion to Lord Rama who came from the van was which was about 14 years in which he defeated the evil Ravana who had taken his wife to the Lanka and on the arrival of Lord Rama from the one was the people celebrated this day as the Diwali and the lighted up the whole village with the help of oil lamps.

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