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Diwali is a festival which celebrates in the India with lots of happiness. And this is the time when every student and working profession get holidays. In this vacations people use to plan to go somewhere and enjoy with their family.

What is Diwali Festival?

Diwali is all about sweet, crackles, lights and most important it’s about happiness. It is said that Diwali festival started when lord Rama came to his kingdom after 14 years of struggle. When he came people were very happy about it and on that day they burst crackles, made sweets in the home and spread colors. The people put light (lamps) in the whole kingdom.

School and College Vacations

Every student get at least 15-20 day holidays in the Diwali duration. Because they has finished with the 6 month term exam so they need some rest or refreshment to do study. So they get the vacations which we all call it Diwali vacations.

This is the longest vacation duration which we get in the whole year of learning. So students use to go to the native places or they go to roam in the different places. Some student’s use these holiday for extra studies to make their future brighter. It is totally up to them that what they want to do in these holidays because parents never force to study in these days because they understand that their child is hard working in the studies and they need some rest.

How we Celebrate the Diwali Festival?

Diwali is a festival which is celebrate by the each and every people who are living in the India with the happiness. People make different types of sweets in there house. And then they share those with our relative, friends and neighbors.

They also make Rangoli in front of the home. Rangoli is design which made up by the colors. They also burst crackles at night and put lots of lights in the houses.

Diwali Festival For The Organization

In the organization employees also get holiday for 3-4 days. And it is the time when everyone get promotions or bonus as per their designations. In the bonus employees mostly get money.

Organization also keep Puja at the place they work and also give sweets to every employee on the occasion of Diwali festival.

Bad Effects on the Environment

In the Diwali festival people burst crackles in the huge amount. These crackles make loud noise when it they burst and also spare too much bad smoke in the air.

Due to the loud noise it creates noise pollution and due to its bad smoke it create air pollution in the huge amount. Due to the bad smoke many people face problems of breathing. Or a normal people can’t breathe in a polluted air. These crackles also makes too much garbage on the roads and places where you stay. Which makes environment dirty and unclean.

Some peoples get hurt because they don’t handle these crackles in a right way.

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