Essay On Diwali In English For Students & Children

Diwali is a festival which is celebrated with great enthusiasm, and it is a very important festival for the Hindu religion as it is a festival of lights which brings happiness and joy in the life of many people.

According to the Hindu calendar, this festival of Diwali falls on the month of Karthik which is in starting days of November and at the end of October according to the English calendar.

This festival is celebrated for the significance of the victory of light over the darkness that means the victory of good over the evil. Note only in India birthdays festival is also celebrated in many countries search as in Nepal, Myanmar and also in Sri Lanka.

On this festival, there is a holiday for many days in India as it can say as half of the year for the education system. It is also celebrated in honor of the goddess Lakshmi who is the goddess of wealth.

The Celebration Of Diwali In Past

The celebration of Diwali in the past has been celebrated as on this day as Lord Rama has reached Ayodhya with his wife Sita and his brother Lakshman- from his 14 years of the canvas.

In  his 14 years he defeated the Ravana who captured his wife Sita during his exile and returned to Ayodhya his birth place.

When lord drama came in Ayodhya people light diyas and many colorful rangoli were made for his welcome and from the people follow this tradition and celebrate Diwali with lighting diya on their homes making colorful rangoli outside of their home and people mostly firecrackers for the celebration of this festival.

Many sweets are made by the people in their home and on the day of this festival people distribute their homemade sweets with each other and celebrate this festival.

Many people also celebrate this festival of Diwali for the significance of the goddess Lakshmi, and there are five main days of Celebration of this festival.

The day one is dangerous, the second day is the mark chaturdasi which is also called as the Choti diwali.

The third of Diwali is Lakshmi Puja which is celebrated for the goddess Lakshmi. The third is the main day in the Diwali where people wear new clothes and distribute sweets.

The fourth day is the Padwa and the final day is the Bhai Duj which is celebrated between brother and sister, it is similar to Raksha Bandhan. This five days of Diwali is celebrated as full of joy and happiness.

The Celebration Of Eco-Friendly Diwali

People should celebrate Diwali but in eco-friendly ways such as they should not burst crackers as the cracker can cause noise pollution and as well as air pollution and many people who are suffering from diseases because of the noise pollution can cause great harm to them.

Instead, they should light the house and also not use such of the fancy and artificial light as they caused most of the electricity so they can use the diyas and light them as they can also produce lights.

People, when they draw Rangoli, should not use the artificial colors instead of these they should use the biodegradable colors.

People buy lanterns and cost money in expensive thing instead of that they can make lanterns at their home and save their money.

We should celebrate Diwali and should also we take care of the nearby animals and things as they could not be harmed by us mostly we should celebrate Diwali through the eco-friendly way.

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