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Diwali is one of the Indians biggest festival. The word Diwali means rows of lighted lamps. It is a festival of lights and Hindus celebrate it with joy.

During this festival people light up their houses and shops with diyas. They worship the Lord Ganesha for good welfare and prosperity and goddess Lakshmi for wealth and wisdom.

This festival is celebrated in the Hindu month of Kartika Masam which fall sometime during October or November. It is celebrated to mark the return of Lord Rama from 14 years of exile and his victory over the demon Ravana.

In many parts of India, Diwali is celebrated for five consecutive days and is one of the most popular festivals in India. It marks the beginning of the New Year. It is celebrated not only in India but also abroad.

Importance Of Diwali Festival In India

Diwali is a festival for all Diwali festival increases the love in people, build relationship stronger, and develop the unity in citizens and develop/display and explore the creativity in Indian culture all kinds of festivals are important in our lives and gives us special feel and presence of soul and body.

There are various religious, economic and cultural reasons why Diwali is an important festival in India.

People Clean Homes And Decorate With Colorful Flowers And Lights On Diwali 

People start cleaning houses before the Diwali festival. They paint houses with new colors. And decorate doors, windows, and walls with beautiful flowers.

People Give Diwali Gift To Each Other

On Diwali people give gifts to each other and exchange sweets. It creates love in families and relationships. This is very important for human development.

People And families Come Together

On the border, people living in cities and abroad and young people also come home. This is also because the same day Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile this is why old people say that those living abroad also have to come to Diwali festival.

On Diwali Festival, You Can Get New Products And Discount In Shops And Big Bazaars

People choose the Diwali festival for shopping. It’s because they get new products and an amazing discount. That’s why people spend more money during the Diwali festival other than in a whole year.

The Five Days Of Diwali Celebrations Are 

Dhantrayodashi Or Dhan Teras

The meaning of decanters is (Dhana means wealth and trayodashi means 13th day) the coming of wealth to the home on the 13th day of half of the lunar month. At this day people buy the utensil, gold and bring that home in from of dhana.

Narak Chaturdashi

Naraka Chaturdashi falls on the 14th day; it was when the demon narakasura was killed by Lord Krishna. It is celebrated to indicate the triumph of good over the evil power of darkness.

Lakshmi Puja

It is the main day of Diwali which completes with the Lakshmi puja and Ganesha puja. After the grate puja, they light day degas on the streets and homes to welcome the prosperity and well-being of their home.

Bali Practiced Aand Govardhan Puja

It is celebrated as the Govardhan Puja in North India. The importance of celebrating this day is, Lord Krishna had defected the proud Indra by lifting the big Govardhana hill and saving the life of lots of people and cattle from the continuous rain and floods.

Kama Deity

This is a festival of brothers and sisters in, to symbolize their love and care for each other. The significance of celebrating it is the story behind kama (Lord of Death).

Advantages Of Diwali Festival 

It provides employment to many.

The house gets renovated and clean.

House gets decorated and lighted up too.

All look pretty in traditional Indian dresses.

Diwali keeps us rooted in traditions.

We forget our woes and come together.

Disadvantages Of Diwali festival 

Pollution is the main disadvantage

Wastages of finance that is a part of many festivals, now.

Too much commercialism


Diwali is a very amusing festival. Some people attach scientific value to this occasion. During Diwali, Hindus celebrate the meaning of life and its beauty.

They believe that God guides them through the Forney of life and that the light of god candid place of evil and darkness. Diwali is a diversity.

We have various clean disadvantages of Diwali. Let us remember and spread awareness on the same to have a safe and happy Deepavali this season.

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