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Co-curricular activities are those activities which are undertaken side by side with the curricular activities a Co-curricular activity essentially takes place outside a typical pen and pencil classroom experience.

It gives the students an opportunity to develop particular skills and exhibit their non- academic abilities. These activities might be compulsory.

Such as music, art or dreamer classes that take place during the day. Others generally are voluntary. Such as participating in the school sports team, school debating team or student nested hence. In either case, participation can assist students in more than one ways.

Co-curricular activities earlier known as extracurricular activities these activities are organized often the school hours

Types Of Co-Curricular Activities For Students

Activities for physical development: P. I, Indoor and Outdoor Games, Sports, Exercise, NCC, Athletics, etc.

Activities for Intellectual development: school magazine, science club, world affairs society, debates, seminars and discussions, essay and story writing competition, etc.

Activates for social development: Co-operative society, scouting, and guiding, games, and sports, school council activities, a celebration of special fishtails, etc.

Activities for psychomotor development: Tailoring, carpentry, toy making, soap- making, candle and incense- stick making, embroidery, clay work, weaving, bookbinding, etc.

Activities for cultural development: Annual day programs, and dance, drawing, and painting, fancy dress competitions, etc.

Picnics/ Tours: hiking, rock mountain climber, visits to museums, Zoo, visits to exhibitions, etc. for primary school children, visit a bank, a post office, a hospital a police station, LIC office, government officers, etc.

Activities for the development of civil values: a celebration of social religious. And national festivals, school, religious. The election, co-operative stores, cleanliness drive, ASDS awareness, programmer drug, and liquor alcohol abuse programmer.  

Importance Of Co-Curricular Activities For Students

Co-curricular activities are virtual because even though they are not a part of the curriculum, they play a very crucial role in giving the going boys and girls the ability to their lives to become well-rounded people role of co-curricular activities in a student’s life cannot be put in words easily.

It develops a sense of belonging’s it include the values to rushers other’s view and feeling.

Co-curricular activities stimulate playing acting, singing, recitation, shrieking and narrating in students and enable the students to express themselves frilly through debates.

Advantages Of Co-Curricular Activities 

Allowing students to explore strengths and talents outside cot academics

Helping students develop stronger time management and organizational skills.

Teaching the importance of following through on commitments

Giving students the opportunity to build friendships and participate in group activities outside of the tight circle of the regular classroom.

I am helping to build confidence and self- esteem.

I am providing a way to keep students supervised outside of school hours.

They are channeling their energies in positive directions rather than toward drug abuse or crime.

Building skills that are not necessarily taught in the classroom but are still important for the future.

I am looking good at a school transcript or college application.

The Objective Of Co-Curricular Activities 

The aim of the extracurricular activities is to give the children opportunities by participating and alluring some. Proficient in activities which are outside the normal curricula of school.

Enjoyment is the most important objective in the organization of these activities. If they are doing, they are a participant to the best of their ability.


Co-curricular activities are an important part of life. Co-curricular activities are rending some values like educational value, psychological value, development of social values, etc. It plays very and girls the ability to mound their lives to become well-rounded people.

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