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Climate change is one of the most complicated problems in India. Now, there is a global consensus about the threat because of climate change.

The climate change will make monsoons unpredictable as a result, the rain-fed wheat cultivation and total production will go down.

Change in the pattern of the climate on the earth has become a global cause for concern. There are many factors that lead to climate change, and this change affects the life of the planet in various ways.

Causes Of Climate Change 

Extraterrestrial Impact

The extraterrestrial impact is the passage of earth through interstellar dust. One possible cause of variability in receipt of insulation over the earth’s surface is the presence of a cloud of interstellar dining matter through which the earth might pass from time to time or which might interpose between the sun and the earth.

Earth Elliptical Orbit

The effect of solar distance is of little significance in current seasonal temperature fluctuations, but it plays an important role in producing large-scale climatic change.

The earth revolves around the sun in an elliptical orbit and at the same time rotates itself every 24 hours on an axis inclined at 23 ½ to the plane of the orbit.

Earths Orbital 

The earth’s orbit undergoes a change of shape during a cycle of 90,000 and 1, 00,000 years, sometimes the orbit forms a longer ellipse, and then it returns to a more circular shape.

At the time of greater centricity of the earth is an orbit, the amount of solar radiation received on the earth is surface at perihelion maybe 20 to 30% greater Thant at aphelion

Effects Of Change In Climate 

Global warming has affected and forced the climate to change over the last century throughout the world. Sea levels are rising, and oceans are becoming warmer.

The intense droughts threaten crops, wildlife, and freshwater supplies. Climate change is long-term variations in weather patterns. Climate itself adjust time to time.

However, going at the wrong pace for many years because of the regular loss of huge ice sheets.

Earlier the earth atmosphere was covered with ice- sheets which makes the earth atmosphere cool by preventing the earth from heat and sending back extra heat out of the space from the earth.

India’s National Action Plan On Climate Change

National Solar Mission

The national solar mission is a major initiative of the government of India and state governments to permeate ecologically sustainable growth hole addressing India’s energy security challenge.

The National Mission On Sustainable Habitat

“National mission on sustainable Habitat” seek to promote sustainability of habitats through improvements in energy efficiency in building, urban planning, improved management of solid and liquid waste, the model shift towards public transport and conservation through an appropriate change in legal and regulatory framework.

The National Mission For Sustainable Agriculture

To devise strategic plans at the agro-climate zone level so that the action plans are contextualized to regional scales in the areas of research and development, technology and practices, infrastructure and capacity building.


The India government has taken many in the implementation of clean development mechanism projects in the country.

Efforts are being made to extract energy from urban and industrial waste. The use of plastic bags must be substituted with eco-friendly plastics.

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