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Clean India Green India is a mission for cleaning our country from the dirt that is spread all over in the country as it is an initiative that is organized by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Clean India Green India or the swachh Bharat Abhiyan is the mission that aims to clean the street roads and all the infrastructure small towns and cities of India and basically, they focus on the rural areas of our country and keeping them clean.

This clean India Movement was once started by Mahatma Gandhi as he is to know that India would not be a clean Nation if this mission is not undertaken by the people now at that time so he started to cleaning of India and after his death India has worst condition in all over so because of this our Prime Minister introduced this mission on 2nd October 2014 on the birthdate of Gandhiji and pledge to clean our India till 2nd October 2019 that is 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.

The Aim Of This Mission

With the cleanliness mission that is undertaken by the government of India, there is also another part of this mission is to build and solve the sanitation problem all over the country as there are many sanitation problems in India and to overtake this problem our prime minister has built many toilets for the people.

To do and solve all the problems of the people and build toilets there are over 620 billion rupees is expected to cost as it is a great project that is undertaken by our government so because of this it could solve all the problems of our people and it can clean our India.

Our government has also given support by many people many big stars and other employees are also supporting this mission and donating some of their money to get the mission accomplished.

So because of all this the clean India mission is completing and the other problem of India is that there is cut of trees all over as people are using trees for their own and because of this there is deforestation of trees and to overtake this problem government is spreading the Awareness of planting many trees around the areas and localities so because of this if a tree is cut there so that hundreds of trees are grown at a time.

Clean India Camps

After this organisation has been undertaken all the problems there are many cities who are getting clean all over and also this organisation is working on some of the cities to be cleaned the most cities which are clean are Mysore New Delhi Surat Rajkot and many more cities are clean all over and also there are many cities which are not clean and the government is working on it such as merit Ghaziabad Kalyan Dombivli Nagar are some of the cities which are not clean.

This initiative is a great initiative that has been organized by our Indian Government and people should help the government and keep the city clean and they should start from their home after that they should clean the streets localities and help Government and our country India to be cleaned.

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