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What Is Child Labour 

Child labor is a term which refers to the employment of small children and they work for small wages. Individuals prefer small children to work as they work more and give less amount of money for their work.

Child labor is illegal in every country as the age of children is to get an education rather than working for money. But still, it is observed that child labor you still present.

Many small children work in small hotels factories and shops to earn little money for their daily needs.

Causes Of Child Labour

There are many causes of child labor, but the common is the poor financial background that is the child days from a poor family.

Sometimes the child does not have any family and lives alone so to get the daily needs he has to work for fewer wages.

It also causes due to the illiteracy of parents and doesn’t want their child to get educated and wanted the child to go to work and earn some money.

Effects Of Child Labor 

There are various effects of child labor it affects the child as well as the society and the country. The child does not receive an education and has to do the same work in his whole life.

As the small children are the future of the country and responsible for the development of the country, but if the small children work rather than getting the education the development of the country is deprived.

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