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The caste system in India is a system in which the difference of the caste between the people of India and it has been started from the ancient times in India, and it is also followed in modern India.

Caste is called as ‘jati’ in India in which the people are grouped according to their classes from the ancient times as there are four classes in which these caste has been distributed.

The four classes they are Brahmins in these classes mostly the high people are there they are brahmins after that the second class the kshatriyas in which all the rulers and Warriors come and after that the Class Vashishtha in which all the merchants and farmers are there, and the last class which is known as the low caste is the shudras in which all the labour workers are distributed all the caste system work according to this four classes, and people are also judged according to their caste in India.

The Origin Of Caste System

In the past history people were used to get distributed according to their birth in the class as a farmer son will be a farmer and he will be only in the class of  Vashishtha and as their ancestors are there in which of the class then there whole family will be in that class all through their life.

These classes are formed only by the people where there were rules of the Aryans as they only distribute this person. As there were many people at that time, this Aryans started the varna system to make the things in a systematic manner.

They started this caste system to have the control over all the people. Then this caste system has been followed by today’s India and this caste system is mostly grown along with its nature and mostly evolved during the rules of Britishers.

These British people give the jobs only for those people who are in the higher caste as these people only distribute the caste system among the people as they have many policies and they did not provide any jobs for the lower caste.

But after the independence of India, this policy caste-based reservation of job was formalized with the list of scheduled caste and Scheduled Tribes. And there were many caste discrimination done in India, and there are also many articles that describe that there should be no caste system in India and discrimination against the lower caste has become illegal in India.

Today’s India

For this cause of caste discrimination, there was Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar who started to give and provide all the things to the lower caste people who fought for Dalits and give their place in India.

And because of this the lower caste people are also getting the things equally according to the higher caste people and in education systems the lower caste people of schedule tribes people are getting many opportunities for the education, and they can do any work in present India.

There are many people who take advantage of this caste system in the politics, and because of this the development of the people has been stopped, and for to solve this problem the Government of India is looking up on it, and they are doing all the opportunities and things equal to all the caste and it has become a great source for the development of our India as all the people are equal.

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