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From the earlier days until today, India has been known for the diversity and the unity of the people within the country. But within this also there are some of the problems of the caste, race, gender, religion among the people of the country.

In the rural part of the area, people thinking about this were standard those days, because there was discrimination between the people when it comes to the marriage. From the birth only the rights of the child have been declared by the family, the hierarchy also. We can say that inequality is the core of caste discrimination.


This division among the people was done since from the ancient time, and they are as follows till now also:

Brahmins – Priests, Teachers, and Scholars

Kshatriyas – Rulers and Warriors

Vaishyas – Farmers, Merchants, and Traders

Shudras – Labourers

Later this Varna system got divided into the caste system, and then after their arisen 3000 castes and the 25000 sub-caste, and this division was among the occupation then after the birth of the child was seen.

This discrimination has been started when Aryans entered around 1500 BC. But this system has been launched to take control over the people and to assign the proper and the regular work.

After the varnas system, this was been name has the caste system in this there was the discrimination of the people by the lower class and the upper-class family. The lower class people were not treated as the people rather than that they were not giving respect to the smaller class people.

The higher class people had many of the benefits they were getting the respect, privileges, and there was no respect given to the people of the lower class and that time the inter-caste marriage was strictly prohibited.

Current System Of Caste

Today we can see that the caste system in the urban areas is immensely getting down; there is no caste seen today. But, there are some of the people who are practicing this today also, so therefore the lower caste people are not getting their perfect place in this world.

There are many of the scheme done by the government for the lower class people, and they are getting many of the benefits due to work done by the government for these people. Today this is also creating the problem to the other caste people that there is the reservation quota of the lower class people, and this come when there is the securing of the government job.


After the banning of the caste system among the people by the British, there was the rise of the constitution of India to give the preference to the backward and the lower class people. Though this has been introduced by the DR. Ambedkar to protect the people who are Dalit as himself, he was Dalit.

But today this has been misused by the people and also by the political parties of the country, so this is also creating some of the problems to the people too, and also this misuse is destroying the unity of the people.

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