Caste Discrimination In India For Students & Children In Simple English


The people of India are divided into various caste and which was based on the occupation of the individual and also in the community which he was born.

Caste discrimination is the bad habit which discriminates on the caste system that is to differentiate between people by caste and provide different results for the different cast member.

The cast discrimination is not only done by the people of India, but it is also done by the government of India there is a car system for each, and everything for examination the lower caste people have various concession and their fees is very low and in the colleges they need less percentage or cutoff for admission  but it is good because there are some people from lower caste who are living in poverty so it is necessary for them but there are some people who are very rich, and they use this caste system for taking admission.

There are also some people who discriminate on the cast but this are the older people who always think about the caste, and they will never drink a glass of water from a person from a lower caste, the first day will ask the cast is time to the person, and then he will work with him.



There are various reasons of caste discrimination sometimes it is mandatory so that people of the lower caste can get the right and an opportunity for development but sometimes people use the past discrimination for that use and sometimes the discriminate people just for fun or to show that the individual is of the lower class than him.

Aaj discrimination helps in various methods to the people of the lower class who are living in poverty like providing them the operation that is the daily needs and providing them education at the lower rate.

But caste discrimination is also done by the people as they want to feel that they are superior they discriminate the cast of the Other individual. Sometimes people discriminated on caste to gain power over them and feeling that they are superior.

The major cause of caste discrimination because the people are illiterate and they think only about differentiating between each and other birthday literate people uneducated people have a different mindset in which they think everyone is equal.


Car system has various adverse effect on the life of people as discrimination takes out of freedom of from people as there are different rules for the people of lower class and different rules for the people of higher class for admission in the educational institute, and there are various offer given to the lower caste people rather than the general caste people.

It is found that a student from and lower class but having a rich background and having low percentage gets admission in the good college and also his fees is less but for a child coming from a General family not having a good financial background but having a good percentage does not get the admission in that college which degrade the moral of the students.

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