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There are some ways and terms to define a career as a career is an individual journey of learning, work and other aspects of life.

It is the word that is defined by the Oxford English dictionary means that a career is a person progress through their life.

It tells the person’s work, learning, and the progress that he has done through all his life.

Career is defined in the person’s occupation and the profession that they have to choose to go forward in their life and it can consider as the person’s life work.

The Changes In Career From Past

There are lots of changes in the career from the past historical days. In the past, there where only a few careers were discovered for the education and very fewer people were interested to pursue the education.

There were no options in the past for the career of the people. But in this 20th century, much new wide ranges of course and many new educational systems have been introduced so that people have a career in all forms of aspects in which they want in their life.

It has become easy and possible to design their career. Many career opportunities have been introduced so people also can try in multiple careers and get succeed from all in their life.

Career Choice  

Tu joins a career it would depend only upon the individual and these three factors such as objective factor theory, subjective factor theory, and the critical contact theory.

These three career joining factors are the most important factors in an individuals life.

In objective factor theory suggest that the career should depend upon the benefits of a job that is the salary, other benefits and the location and opportunities from a job.

In the subjective factor theory, it suggests that the job should be a status job and it should be topmost in the world, and its organization should have a reputation, this all factors matters for a good career. In critical contact theory, the job is the professional, experienced job.

There should be a perfect observation, and the organization should play a vital role in it.

For choosing a career, you should choose the field in which field you are strong within.

If you are unable to choose the right path for the first time, then you do not need to think about it as there are many other options that you can try on.

Career Success  

Career success is the way of describing a person who has achieved all the things in his life.

Career success is that when a person has chosen a path in which he wants to get a career for him, and at last he got success in that career it means that he had a successful career in his life.

To get a career success is the only objective of every person in life. To get a career, he should get proper support and understanding by the other people, and he should work on it and create a great future for his life.

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