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Capital punishment is the punishment which is probably known as the death penalty which is sanctioned by the government, and that is given to the person who has done a major crime.

This capital punishment is given as the death penalty to the people who have done the crime, and that is declared by the state.

It is a sentence for which a person is punished is called the death sentence. While caring out that act of sentence is known as execution.

Crimes that are punishable for the death penalty are known as the capital crimes or capital offenses and the offenses for which the death penalty is ordered for the crimes such as murder, treason or the crime against the humanity.

The word capital is derived from the Latin word caput or head. Among all the countries only fifty-six countries have retained this punishment, and 103 countries have abolished the punishment and while six of the countries have abolished it for ordinary crimes.


In the capital punishment, the execution of the criminals has been used by nearly all the societies.

But from the nineteenth century without the development of the prison systems, there was frequently no workable alternative to ensure deterrence of the criminals.

The head of the execution gives the punishment by the torture with cruel methods such as the breaking wheel.

In most of the ancient times, this death punishment was the part of their justice system.

The people at that time when a crime is done they usually form an apology or instead of that they start to kill the people on their own.

So to stop people from killing one another this death penalty system has been introduced for the punishment. This death penalty is used in many of the countries such as Europe.

In Europe when there were no modern prisoners developed they used to give this punishment.

Many criminals in Europe has been executed this punishment, nearly about 70,000 people have been executed this death penalty.

Capital Punishment In The 20th Century  

In this 20th century, the type of punishment had been mostly using by the German people is as the death by hanging, decapitation or else death by shooting. They use to fire the bullet on the neck or the head of the criminals.

Also in modern times, the capital punishment is mostly used in maintaining the military discipline.

In the past, there were also many punishments such settings the criminals on fire, and more other punishments were undertaken for the death of the criminals.

This capital punishment is now also used mostly in European countries, and the oceanic state countries such as Australia, New-Zealand, Canada have abolished this capital punishment.

Some countries in Asia such as Japan and India have retained this capital punishment.

SouthAfrica abolished the death penalty in the year 1995. And also there are many countries such as Norway which is in oppose to this death penalty.

The use of this capital punishment is growing more in India from the year 2010 due to anger over the happening of rape; the government has taken a great initiative of this capital punishment for this types of criminals in India.

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