Essay On Beti Bachao Beti Padhao For Students & Children In Simple English

Beti Bachao Beti padhao means to save a girl and to educate her and this is a campaign that has been started by the government of India which is to spread awareness amongst the people to save girl child and to educate her.

It has been started by the government of India and the Prime Minister Narendra Modi as to create awareness among the people to save a girl child and to provide all the things a girl should be getting.

As from the past the majority of the girls according to the census compared to the boys is very less and because of this the scheme of Beti Bachao Beti padhao has been introduced and over funding of 100 crore Rupees are been given to many parts of the Indian country to educate and provide all the facilities to a girl who are not able to get it.

The main motto of this campaign

This campaign has been started by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 22nd January 2015 almost about three years ago and in this campaign, he mostly creates awareness among the people to save girls. As we can see that in the past in India after the Independence there was no equality among the boys and girls as the boys were given a great priority and girls are being killed in the female foeticide and so because of this there is less number of girl child be raising. Almost about the ratio of 1000 boys, there are only 920 girls as it is a very less number of ratio of girls as compared to boys.

As in the past, there are also many systems like dowry system and because of this most of the people neglects the woman. So because of this campaign, the awareness that has been created by this is been used and there is the number of girls that are being bottomed and no female foeticide of girl that is being done from the past. Many women empowerment development schemes and many women resources are been given to the girl child. So because of all this, the woman would be able to live freely in the society and no discrimination that can be done between them and because of this they would be able to achieve their success and goals in their life easily.

Rise of women

As this camp that has been led by the government of India and because of this the women in India are been freely able to establish their empire and because of this, there are many women who are interested in sports and in many things and take part in sports and make their name and country proud.

As there is no discrimination among the women and men and so because of this they are free to do anything and so because of this we can see that there are many women establishing their name in the field of science and IT technologies. As all the women are being given all the facilities in a country the country would be get developed as well and so as India did this thing because of this campaign and the development of the country is been getting faster.

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