My Best Friend Essay For Class 8 Students in English


Best friends are the friends who are for movie lifetime or a greater period than the normal friend. Friends make your life interesting and do various Adventures in your life but the best friend is always with you and never leaves your way, and it also helps you in walking on your way and does not I want you to anything else.

Your best friend is mostly of your old age, but sometimes the best friends do not have any age limit as there are some people who find best friends of more than their age as they are more loyal than their friends.

Best friends are like good support in your life as they support you in every thing and also this stops you when you are doing something wrong and also help you in doing the right things. The best friend is an individual who knows everything about you, and also you know everything about your best friend and you both of them share each and everything with each other.

It is a good thing that you have a best friend there are some people who don’t have friends only whose life is miserable as they have no one to share that thought and the thing.


Best friends play an important role in developing your life as they have and the major influence on your lifestyle and also on your thinking. Mostly best friends are the friends who are like you, and it is very hard to get a unique best friends who have different choices, and they cannot be the best friends.

Best friends also help you in everything whether it might be your homework or any other thing like you have to visit somewhere where you cannot go alone then your best friend comes with you in that place so he can give you a company with you so that you don’t feel alone.

Friends also play and the rule of your guardian as he guards you every time from everyone and also you provide yourself as a guard for him. Best friends are also very important as they share their talent with you and also help you in learning the talent if you want which increases your experience and also make you are the talented guy. Best friends also share various knowledge and experiences of them which help you in your future.


You love your best friend also he loves you which creates a strong bond of love between you and your friend. Your friend can do anything for you, and also you are ready to do anything for your friends as there is a good affection between you and you also share various things between each other and also help in solving various problems.

There is a huge affection between the best friends as they are like a life partner of each other for many years and they know everything about each other and they also love everything about each other which is a very good thing.

It is also seen that it is very harder to break the bond between the best friends as they both believe on each other and if someone says anything about your friend you do not believe on them rather than you believe on your friend and you have complete trust on him.

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