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There is a huge problem of traffic Bangalore as it is a developing City, due to which there is the huge number of vehicles used by the people every day and also people get bored and also waste their most of the precious time in waiting in the traffic.

Traffic congestion is not only the problem of Bangalore but it is the problem of whole India as there is used the population of India and also there are used a number of the vehicle who every day write their vehicles on the road and create traffic. There is a huge traffic in Bangalore on every road which causes the number of vehicles.

The traffic in Bangalore is a huge problem which needs to be solved as to save time and also save our efforts while driving on the roads as it is very hard to drive in a traffic area rather than an open Road so the people also prefer to drive on and open Road rather than and road of traffic.


There are various causes of Bangalore traffic but the major cause of traffic is the increase in the number of vehicles and also the population as everyone moves out of their house with their own private vehicle whether it is needed or not, it is also seen that nowadays people don’t try to walk if the destination is too close then also they use their vehicles to go there.

Another call of Bangalore traffic is the bad infrastructure as in some places the roads are very thin and at some places it is very broad due to which there is any difference in the weight of the road which causes the traffic ads on which road the people go very smoothly but as the hill road come to the traffic start there itself as there is less space to move.

the Bangalore traffic is increasing your beard as the number of private owning vehicles in increase and people do not use the public vehicles due to which there is a huge number vehicle on the road which causes huge traffic.


There is a huge effect of Bangalore traffic on the people living in Bangalore as everyone facing this problem and its uses every day. Due to traffic, everyone reaches late at their definition because of which they have to come earlier so that they would reach at the time.

The traffic at Bangalore has become and use problem for the ambulance as it is also very hard for the ambulance to move out from the traffic due to which there is the very medicinal problem which might lead to death.

The traffic in Bangalore has made the life of people living their miserable as they have to think of the traffic going out from their home and they also have to think how to save their time in the traffic.


There is various precaution should be taken by each and every individual of Bangalore to decorate the problem of traffic in Bangalore.

traveling by private vehicle should be avoided for traveling for shorter distance so that they can use the public vehicles. It is also very much necessary to the size of a vehicle that what do you need for traveling that is a two wheeler or four wheeler according to your family.

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