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Badminton is the most favorite game of my friends and me. The badminton game is named after the Duke of Beaufort in Badminton in Gloucestershire. The first game of this game took place in 1870.

This game was used by the Army officers in England, and when they came to India, it also became popular in India due to playing this game in India. The Badminton Association was established in 1893 to make rules for playing this game.

About The Field Of Badminton

To play badminton game, the length of the field is 44 feet, and the width is 20 feet. A net is applied to divide this field into two equal parts, this net is tied 5 feet 1 inch above the surface of both ends.

There is a white color service line at 1.98 meters from the center of the net, from where the player starts the game. This game is decided by bouncing the coins like all the games for which the team will play this game first.

Winning Strategy

To win the badminton game, 21 points are set, whichever team first creates more points, the same wins. According to the rules of the two teams, this game is playing, for this, an umpire is placed near the net, which calculates the points of both the teams and also gives the penalty when breaking the rules of the game.

Badminton Is Played Between Two Or More Participants

Badminton can have at least two participants and up to four participants to play. To play this game, two rackets and shuttlecocks are required. The racket is made of light iron metal, length of 680 mm and width is 230 mm, and weighing 70 to 80 grams.


Talking about the shuttlecock, it is a conical object, in which the wings are positioned in the lower part of the cock like a bird. Its wings are made from wings of goose or nylon. It consists of 16 feathers, weighing between 4 and 5 grams.


The badminton game that popularity in India is that after playing cricket, the same game is played and liked on the second number. I like this game because its rules are also easy and it is very easy to learn the game as well as people of all classes can play it. It is also taught in our school to play this game.

Benefits Of Playing Badminton

Playing badminton keeps the body healthy. By playing this game, our whole body is fully developed.

Playing badminton increases the speed of understanding our thinking.

Obesity is also removed by playing this game. Playing this game causes blood flux in the body smoothly.

Playing badminton does not lead to heart diseases.

Playing this game strengthens our body’s legs and hands

Playing this game increases the concentration so that we can study or do any other work.

It does not take much time. By playing badminton, our brain remains calm, and we are happy.

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