Essay On Autumn Season For Students & Children In Simple English

Autumn season is the season which comes after the summer and before winter and the season is also called a fall in most of the countries. The months in which the autumn season comes is mostly in July to October.

In the autumn season, the weather conditions are not stable they can change at any time and in autumn season hours if daylight and the hours are mostly same and there are no same climatic conditions all the time as sometimes the weather turns cooler and sometimes the weather turns rainy and windy as well.

As it is said that on the equator the autumn season is very much like spring with little difference in the temperature and it is the season where most of the animals look for the food so they can store it for the winter season.

In many places, the autumn season is also the season of harvesting most of the crops are cultivated and because of this in most of the countries, this season is helpful for them and in countries like India autumn season is very much needed.

The Weather Of The Autumn Season

In the autumn season, the color of the leaves changes and all over the deciduous trees are found such as in North America Eastern Asia NewZealand Australia most of the areas where this type of trees are found, and all these things are a major attraction for the tourist people.

Autumn season also a season after the summer holiday as in autumn season mostly the summer holidays are getting over and a new year of school get the start, and it leads to a great beginning when there is all over rains when we go to school.

In autumn season there are many festivals that are celebrated search as a festival celebrated in Canada as the national festivals are the Thanksgiving day in this autumn season and the Thanksgiving day celebration in also celebrated in other countries like Germany and Japan it is mostly celebrated on 2nd Monday of October.

This season is an excellent season for the animals as many animals like to dance in the rain, and also people like to enjoy the rainy season.

The farmers in India and all over the countries this rainy season is very much useful for them as the rains help the farmers to cultivate their crops.

The weather becomes very much beautiful to see as all over plants grow because of the rainy water and all area become green and nature becomes beautiful to see.

Causes Due To Rains

As this rains are very much useful for the farmers but it also has many harms for it as is if there is over rains for many times it can also destroy the crops of the farmers as there should be an adequate rains for the cultivation of crops and also because of the heavy rains it can lead to a flood, and it can cause a natural disaster as well, and it leads to harming the life of the people.

This autumn season is the very much enjoyable season for the people, but when it rains, it can harm the life of the people as well so it can say as a beautiful season and also kind of dangerous season.

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