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Agriculture is, and systematic way of growing the crops for food as the crops cultivated in agriculture are used as food for human. Agriculture is also known as growing the cattle that are the animals for the benefits of the human.

Agriculture is the farming of the crops and cultivating them and using them as the food. Agriculture is an important process and is done by the farmers to grow crops on the farm.

The agriculture motor takes place in the village place as it is a good environment and also a good type of soil which is very important for agriculture and also give a better crops which are very good for health.

Agriculture is a complex process of growing a crop from a single seat in which the farmer has to do a lot of hard work and also have to keep an eye every time on it firm so that the crops in the farm are not found by anything.


The process of agriculture is and complex process and needs to be done by a complete focus on it. The first step of agriculture is to select the crop which you want to grow that is if you want to grow rice you have to select the seeds as the rice.

After the selection of the crow, you have to prepare the land for growing crops by making the land fertile for growing crops.

After you developed the land for growing crops, you have to select the shield which you want to grow, and it is a very important process as you have to select the proper seed for the land. After the selection of seed, you have to sow the seed in the land.

After you sow the seed in the land, you have to provide a source of water to the seed which is known as and irrigation the main and major type of irrigation used by the farmer is drip irrigation which prevents the wastage of water and also provides a good amount of water to the crops.

After the crops are grown, they need to be harvested in which the farmer cut the crops and collect them and sell them are used for his own daily needs.


There are various types of agriculture, but the older type of agriculture was the shifting agriculture in which the people used to grow the plants in one land and when the lands become infertile day shift to another place and choose another land for agriculture.

The subsistence farming is another major type of farming in which the farmers grow crops for his family or for selling it to the other peoples.

Another, er another type of Agricultural is the intensive agriculture in which the farming is done in the densely populated area and give a good output.

Another type of agriculture is extensive agriculture in which the farming is done by using various types of machinery rather than the human force for the greater output.

The commercial agriculture is and type of agriculture in which an individual or an organization grows the crop for the profit purpose and sell it to the market.

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