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My school is the best place where I go to receive education and also enjoy the life with the friends of the school and also to gain various other experience in the school.

It is a place where knowledge is shared by teachers to the small children, and also the small children learn many things from the teacher and apply in their own life. My school is a better place for developing my life and also to be a great future.

In my school, we not only study, but we also enjoy. My School consists of a large playground for playing games with friends and also doing exercise with PT Teacher, mostly Deputy teacher is the in charge of the playground, and she decides who will play in the ground.

Our school also consists of canteen from where they provide good food during the recess or break time. My school also consists of the music room in which there is the various instrument which is used by music teacher and also by the students who want to learn the music.


My school is the adventurous place as we have done many Adventures in the school. Friends are the best person whom with we have done many Adventures the like playing different games and sharing tiffin with each other during the break time and also doing Little Mischief with each other.

There are also many Adventures done during the lecture like talking with friends in a secret language when the teacher is teaching and also playing games on the last page of the book with your best friends.

Adventures are not only done with friends, but sometimes teachers also give us various adventurous opportunities like writing stories for the morning assembly all singing song in the morning assembly.


School friends are the best part of the school we make new friends every day and have fun with them. Friends are like the best person on whom you can trust and can have fun with him, and he will never hurt you, and he will never dominate you.

Sometimes school friends are like helping hands they help you many problems in solving various problems of your life and also your issues in the school. There are also various groups of the friend in which they go everywhere in a group and help the friends in the group.


School teachers are the best teacher available in the life as they teach us everything and prepare us for leaving a better life and they also have a strong watch on what we are doing, and they also give us many ways of living the life.

Teachers are like the source of light in and darkness which makes the whole place brighter.

Teachers in the school do proper attention to the study of the student, and they also share the problem with the students to their parents and also given them the solution to the problem.

Teachers also help the student invariance problematic state, and they also give various advice to the student on what should I do when they fall into a problem.

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