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A museum is a place which is a big building open for the public as it is also the institution where the things are collected and then they are shown to the people as an exhibition.

It cares for the collection of the artifacts, and the other objects of artistic cultural-historical or scientific importance as many public museums make these items available for public viewing through exhibition and this exhibition are some of the permanent or some organized it temporarily for a limited period.

There are many largest museums that are located in many of the major cities throughout the world, and also there are many small Museum that exists in smallest cities and towns.

The primary purpose of the Museum is to collect preserve and display the items of the history and scientific significance for the education of the public.

History Of Museum

The word of the Museum is originated from the Goddess of literature art and science which is known as Musa, and the definition of the museums has changed over time, and the oldest Museum that has been a structure in the world is structured in Japan.

When the first museums where made mostly there were many arts and natural objects that have been kept privately and mostly some of them are displayed in the wonder rooms or the cabinets.

Many of the items that have been kept privately are the collections of discoveries that have been made, and people held the interest in Natural Sciences and too eager to obtain them.

When the people put their invention and discoveries in the museum, they can show their fantastic finds. The main idea of displaying this was to gain more knowledge among the people.

After the past in the modern museums the first museum was in western Europe, and then it was spread to other parts of the world and when the British museum open to the public crowds mostly damage the artifacts that as been kept and so because of this the visitor has to apply a form in writing to take admission and to see this artifact as there were no more crowd interference in a museum and little people are available to see it.

From that, in 19 century it has become more popular, and many people gathered here, and there has been increased in the crowd to see the artifacts in the museum and especially it was open on the public holidays.

Types Of Museums

In the past there where some amount of museums that has been developed and all the artifacts that are kept equally but in the modern world there are different types of museums that has been made to kept the artifacts and the arts of the people separately as there are many museums such as art museums history museums literature Museum natural history Museum science museums and also there are many museums in which only the related things are kept searches in art museums only the arts and paintings of the peoples are kept in history museums only the historical things that have been discovered are kept and also in the other museums it has been kept separately all the things so because of this people could be able to visit all the museums and see all the historic things and arts easily.

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