15 August Essay For Students & Children In Simple English


The 15 August is a golden day in the history of India as it is a date on which India got freedom from the ruling power and became independent due to which this day is celebrated as Independence Day.

India got the Independence on 15th August in the year of 1947 during the city the constitution of India was made which consists of various rules and regulation for governing the country of India.

15th August is celebrated by everyone have the Independence Day on this day the flag is hoisted everywhere It is seen that people love the patriotic song and play the song holiday and people just enjoy the Independence Day and show respect to the soldiers and the people who have lost their life for fighting for the freedom.

People stick a flat on their chest, and some people paint a flag on the ways to show the Patriotism towards definition.

The 15th August is the day when everyone becomes patriotic and celebrate Independence Day by hosting the flag in the society of organization and sing the national song Jana Gana Mana and keep saluting the flag throughout the song and after you reach then share sweets to each other.


The 15th August is celebrated as Independence Day by everyone, and they celebrated by waking up early in the morning and wearing white dress which promotes the state of each, and everyone get together in the society or organisation or on the road to hoist the flag, and everyone does the flag hoisting and during flag hoisting De salute the flag and sing the national song Jana Gana Mana and after which day share sweet like Jalebi and fafda to the small children and also they give various competitions for the children during the 15th August like drawing and colouring and singing and dancing competition in which the small children perform on various patriotic songs.

Also the schools and colleges are given holiday on 15th August and the students are invited to the school for celebrating Independence Day in which they also do the flag hoisting with the chief guest at the principal of the school or the school founder who hoist the flag and after which there are various program held by the school to entertain the student touches dance performances singing performances in which the students do various dance acts and Singh patriotic song.


The day of 15th August as a great significance to the people of India as it was the time when the efforts of the freedom fighters have got the fruit of freedom in which India was given freedom and due to which India became independent and after which India is known as independent a nation as there is no power of any ruling power on India.

The 15th August is also very significant in some people live as we have lost their family member for the freedom of India, but they don’t cry on them, but they feel proud of them as they have been sacrificing their lives for the freedom of India.

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